Alumnus for Acanfora


With much dismay, I have just read the July 28 Collegian transcript of the Acanfora “Trial.” As a graduate of College of Education (B.S. ‘63, M. ed. ‘64) and a member of the University’s Alumni Council, I am shocked and ashamed by the questions asked by Dean Vandermeer.

It is hard for me to believe that in mid-century America there are still people like Dean Vandermeer who hold seemingly important positions but who think with the minds of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s weakest characters.

French songwriter Jacques Brel once wrote: “Let he who throws the stone stand up and take a bow.” To Deans Vandermeer, Scannell and McClay goes my sympathy for their total lack of understanding of civil liberties, to say nothing of compassion. I’ve often wondered what kinds of people used to turn in their fellow teachers as communists in the old witch-hunt days. Now, I know.

Joseph P. Wells

executive assistant to the chancellor

City University of New York