Heís Ďall around fantasticí


Iím writing this letter in reference to the morals of Joe Acanfora, hoping to give you a little information of the Joe I know.

Joe is my nephew and Iíve known him well since his birth. Our families have always lived near each other; for the past 15 years Joe has lived a block away. Joe and my children grew up together. (I have six -- one girl and five boys.) As far back as I can remember, he was studious, responsible, honest, sincere and one of the really great kids. I really and truly cannot find or use a word against Joe. He is just all around fantastic and Iím proud to call him my nephew. I hope that he can teach as heíll make a very good teacher. I personally canít find a reason as to why he shouldnít be certified for his life long ambition.

I thank you for reading my letter and remain as always open minded, able to accept and cope with the changes in the world as I see them in the near future. Iím all for youth and listening to their ways of expressing new life styles.

From a mother of the new generation to come -- ages four, 16, 21, 22, 24 and 26.


Brick Town, N.J.