Demanding action


The refusal of the University Teacher Certification Council to grant certification to Joseph Acanfora. solely on the basis of his sexual preferences is an outrage.

Deans Vandermeer and Brewer have scored a partial victory in their witchhunt against students who refuse to conform to their distorted views of society. What will these staunch defenders of the status quo do on their next crusade? Perhaps the College of Education will ask unmarried students to appear before the board and state the reasons why they are single as a requirement for certification.

Education has taken a dangerous step backwards when administrators, whose job it is to train future teachers, decide to intimidate persons with life styles different from their own.

President Oswald would do a great service to the University by demanding the resignation or censure of the deans responsible for this totalitarian act.

Irwin Weintraub

(graduate- rural sociology)