Ballyhoo, facts and prejudices


Penn State has a great football team. It’s a good school. It got rid of Welles Keddie, didn’t it? After all, we can’t have our youngsters corrupted by so-called free speech. This is a good country. We can’t have our wonderful system destroyed by people who believe in equal opportunity or people who don’t have the guts to go out and get a job.


Now those “Homophiles” are raising all this ballyhoo about Joe Acanfora. Imagine, letting him teach our kids. This is a good university. Those HOPS people are corrupting the moral fiber of our youngsters. Imagine saying that the ability to love is more important than how you do so or whom you do it with. Imagine saying that we cannot be free unless we allow others to be themselves. Imagine having someone who believes in these things to teach Earth and Space science to high school kids.

I say “good work” Dean VanderMeer. “Good work” President Oswald. Keep freedom out of the university. Keep Penn State what it is -- a small-minded, upper middle class factory whose purpose is to produce small-minded, upper middle class people. Don’t let Joe Acanfora receive his teacher’s certification. Don’t let people who believe in freedom for all exist. Don’t let people who are committed to destroying prejudice with facts teach facts about the Earth. Don’t let Galileo make you believe that the Earth is the center of the universe.


State College