‘Morality’ of Acanfora case


It has come to my attention that the University Teacher Certification Council is presently considering the morality of Joseph Acanfora in order to determine whether or not to recommend him for a Pennsylvania teaching certificate.

This panel of 6 deans who obviously consider themselves almighty enough to judge another’s beliefs, is an insult to the Penn State and State College communities. The Council has chosen to cast aside the American rights of free speech, free expression, of diversity and of choice. They have intimidated the heterosexual community as well as the homosexual community by attempting to remove nonconformists, by allowing bigotry to reign in the University, by stifling the very “education” which they purport to believe in.

When will the University end its obsession with conformity and allow free people to think freely, live freely and learn freely?

I can only hope that Penn State students and State College residents will speak out and express their disgust with the U.T.C.C.’s latest actions. Not only can and must we, together save Joe Acanfora, a free individual, from being denied a profession, but we can and must assert our desire that the University will some day soon serve the cause of “education” and not condone narrow minded bigotry.


State College