Punished For Truth


Iím a student in ninth grade and Iím replying to Mr. Weirs letter that supports the dismissal of Mr. Acanfora.

I just want to say that Mr. Weir doesnít speak for all, as he seems to think. Iím glad that Mr. Acanfora has been reinstated. He is a good student teacher and he makes science interesting.

The students in our science class took a poll and a clear majority voted to support him.

I donít think a teacherís private associations have anything to do with how good his teaching methods are. Just because he belongs to a group that I donít believe in doesnít give me the right to decide where he dare or dare not work.

It seems as though in our society some people are punished for telling the truth, and others are rewarded with a job and respect if they act out a lie.

My parents read this letter and they said ďweíre with you.Ē