Officials Supported For Action


We wish to take this opportunity to publicly thank the officials of the Park Forest school for dismissing a teacher associated with the HOPS group. This action was in the best interest of our son and daughter and the other children who attend Park Forest.

Furthermore, we believe this action by the school was both wise and proper. A teacher is not a teacher just in the classroom but in his outside activities as well. If a teacher associates with a group such as this, he is teaching by unwholesome example and should not be allowed to influence children by his example.

Much is being made of the rights of the dismissed teacher. Well, we have rights as parents and our children have rights.

We consider it a right that our children be protected by the school. The school has done that in this instance and we are grateful.

We strongly resent the action of students from the University in entering the school to distribute petitions. The lack of moral principles of the HOPS group was demonstrated by their attempt to use children to further their own objectives, especially when the children have no understanding of the basic issues.

Parents had better speak up and support the school officials on this issue.



State College