Invading schools


Ladies and gentlemen, thereís Trouble in our schools. Yes, Trouble, with a capital T and that rhymes with G, And that stands for Gay.

Yes my friends, right now as I stand here talking to you, Gay Commie Freaks are invading our schools, polluting the innocent minds of all our little kiddies, spreading a per≠version to the future leaders of the great land of ours. Why, those perverts are even allowed to run rampant on the streets, corrupting the morals of everyone with whom they come in contact. I shudder when I think that our great country would ever be so degraded!

Are we going to permit these wild-eyed maniacs to remain on the loose, destroying our American apple pie way of life? You bet your bippy weíre not! Now, yes Right Now is the time for all of us sane, Red-Blooded Americans to band together to drive this menace from our midst. We must not rest until we have driven every last one of those Gay Commie Freaks out of the county, out of the state, out of the country! We must destroy these perverts before they destroy us!

Yes Ladies and gentlemen, there is Trouble in our schools. Yes Trouble, with a capital T, which doesnít ryhme with F, Which stands for Fear. Fear of any idea which we ourselves donít understand and donít wish to understand. Fear to admit that we have prejudices based on information that is distorted and on ideas that are unfair. Fear to examine that information and those ideas lest we shake our own solidarity in our beliefs. It might be wise to examine ourselves for unfounded biases lest we seem like another F word -- Fools.

Mike Travers