Breach of rights


The dismissal of Joseph Acanfora from his student teaching position is obviously flagrant discrimination. The University and the State College Area School District have yet to bring out any valid reason for Acanfora’s dismissal other than his participation in HOPS. The school district has arbitrarily decided that the goals of HOPS are in conflict with educational policies. There is no mention in the school district’s announcement of Acanfora’s affiliation with HOPS affecting his teaching ability. The dismissal is a breach of Acanfora’s civil rights guaranteed by our supposedly democratic system. He is being persecuted because he holds beliefs different from the norms of society.

A more devious reason for the dismissal seems apparent when the timing of the dismissal and a separate incident are considered. Acanfora is one of the plaintiffs suing the University for other discriminatory acts. The suit was filed Friday the 11th. Acanfora was dismissed the 15th. Possibly, the University is slapping Acanfora’s wrists by effecting his dismissal. Yet proving this conjecture would be nearly impossible.

In eitheer case, the dismissal is unjust. The University does not have the right to dictate what a student must conform to.


Michael A. Laux

(2nd-chemical engineering-Norwalk, Ohio)