As rnembers of the State College community, parents of two children and Christians we are upset at the dismissal of Joseph Acanfora from his student teaching position in State College.

The involvement of the University and the State College Area School District in what appears to us as an abrupt and ill-conceived action permanently damaging to a mans career is a matter for us to protest.

In what should be an enlightened intellectual community this is very difficult to understand. The reasons for the action have not been clearly articulated and thus raise questions concerning the repression of Mr. Acanfora’s basic rights as well as questions concerning harassment of a group using the legal processes to gain certain rights within the University.

As parents, we would not feel threatened by Mr. Acanfora’s presence in our school system. We doubt that the School Board and school administration knows the intimate sexual practices of all their teachers. This does not seem to us to be a matter of public concern and policy. We further question whether the schools will exclude from their teaching the many classics of literature and the arts as well as the historical and scientific achievements which have been created by men and women who have been covertly or overtly homosexuals.

Finally as Christians, we cannot but feel disgrace at the manner in which our community is dealing with Mr. Acanfora. It does not speak to us of the love and grace of Christ. It does not speak to us of the Christian concern for human integrity. The actions appear self-serving, vindictive and lacking in any awareness of the true medical, psychological and social facts of our modern age. In that respect, we vigorously protest this action and think that our community needs the forgiveness and mercy of Mr. Acanfora, and we owe him the retribution of justice and love.



University Park