Homosexual Teacher Okd


Pennsylvania Education Secretary John Pittenger has approved teaching credentials for a Pennsylvania State University graduate who says he is a homosexual.

Pittenger said yesterday he could find no legal barrier to granting certification to John [sic] Acanfora, 21, of Brick Town, N.J.

“The part of the law which has been in question is the statutory requirement of ‘good moral character,’” Pittenger said. “There is no evidence of homosexual acts on the part of Mr. Acanfora. He has not been convicted of any criminal violation in the commonwealth.”

Pittenger was asked to rule on Acanfora after a six-member panel at Penn State voted three to three on his certification as a junior high school teacher. The University’s College of Education suspended Acanfora from student teaching at a state college junior high school after he joined a campus organization seeking civil rights for homosexuals.

He sued the university and was reinstated within one week. -- UPI