Silence on Acanfora Hearing


Neither Joseph Acanfora nor Dean Abraham W. VanderMeer of the College of Education at the University would comment today on the substance of a meeting between Mr. Acanfora and six University deans yesterday, relating to Mr. Acanfora’s certification as a public school teacher.

The hearing before the University Teacher Certification Council was called to adjudge Mr. Acanfora’s “moral character,” confirmation of which is a prerequisite for his certification as a teacher in Pennsylvania.

“In respect for the confidentiality of student information,” said Dean VanderMeer, executive officer of the council, he would not comment on the outcome of the meeting.

Mr. Acanfora said today that “no decision was made; we left the meeting and they continued to discuss what had gone on there. They said they would get in touch with me when the decision was made; they gave no indication of when that would be.”

He refused to comment on what was said at the meeting because “a decision is about to be made and I wouldn’t want to jeopardize that. A lot of questions at the meeting were related to publicity.”

Mr. Acanfora, one of four plaintiffs in an equity suit filed by the Homophiles of Penn Slate against the University last winter, was subsequently released from his student teaching duties at Park Forest Junior High School and then returned by court order.

The subject of Mr. Acanfora’s moral character was referred in May by Dean VanderMeer to the University Teacher Certification Council, which requested him to appear.

Mr. Acanfora received his bachelor’s degree in secondary education Spring Term.