Wretches Like Us


Picked up a copy of the Sentinel yesterday and could not but help notice the editorial on the homosexual teacher. My reaction to this editorial will be brief, but I trust succinct. First of all, I was struck by the almost blase treatment of the whole affair. I refer to the actual content of the editorial itself. There was an alarming absence of any outrage or ethical displeasure in the thought of homosexuals teaching one’s children in a public institution. I suppose that this is the signs of the times when men’s (in this case newspaper editorialists) ethical values are no longer fixed and absolute but rather mutable and relative.

Secondly, I thought it interesting that the editorialist would say. “If he never mentions the subject, it never comes up, and the kids are not even aware that he is “gay”, he should be allowed to teach his assigned subject.” The editorialist here does not give us any reasons why he should not be allowed to teach He simply says that it should not be teached or talked about in class. Why might I ask? Why is it wrong to peak about this in class? Is it because homosexuality is a perverted form of human behavior? Is it because homosexuality runs contrary to the laws of God Himself? Personally, I think it should be talked about in class. Students should be told that it is sexually aberrant behavior which has at its root a particularly pronounced hostility to the law of God which is expressed in the Ten Commandments. Our society is hanging on a cliff of moral relativity and such relativity is significantly’ increased when wishy-washy editorialists talk out of both sides of their mouths. Please pull the velvet out of your mouth and say what you really want to say.

Thirdly, I think it is a reflection of naivete to the extreme to imagine that one’s ethical behavior (outside the classroom) can be divorced from what goes on inside the classroom. No one is morally neutral. No one CAN be morally neutral. Furthermore, it is not desirable to be morally neutral. I’ve had enough years of education to know that a teacher’s ethical life cannot in fact be separated from what he teaches in the-classroom. It may not reveal itself immediately to the student, but the teacher’s overall ethical values will manifest themselves sooner or later. Everything has ethical implications. I do not care if it is in a homemaking or history class. Furthermore, you cannot really do anything without revealing what your values are.

Finally, I disagree strongly with the contention that the colleagues of the ‘gay’ teacher were ”correct” in their arguing that he should be evaluated only by what goes on in the classroom. This is simply ridiculous. When you hire a teacher you are not hiring only 1/2 a man. You should be interested in the-whole man You are interested in his life, what he does and what his standards are. Why? Because the whole man is inextricably wrapped up in his teaching. The attitudes of the whole man reveal themselves in no matter what he does. Would you be willing to hire a member of the American Nazi Party to teach a history class? I think you would not: Would you hire a member of the Ku Klux Klan to teach a class even though you are aware of his bigoted opinions? If you say “yes,” then you may send your children there. I will have mine instructed from someone whose views I know to be sound and sober. I have no doubt in my mind that it is because of wretches like you that our nation is tottering and even falling into a cesspool of moral anarchy. May Jesus Christ, the Son of God, bring us to our senses.

Jim West


Rockville Chapel