Montgomery County Sentinel




Gay Teacher Issue


Although no longer a member of MCEA, nor in fact, a resident of Montgomery County, my continuing interest in the school system where I taught for eighteen years compels me to comment, on the present controversy concerning the case of a “gay’ teacher, recently transferred out of the classroom of a junior high school.

The threat of MCEA to resort to legal action to reinstate this teacher may well give a boost to the Gay Activist Alliance, but one fails to see how it will advance the cause of education in Montgomery County, or anywhere else. Few parents of my acquaintance would be happy to see their child subjected to the influence of a homosexual, admitted or otherwise. For a teachers’ organization publicly to place its seal of approval on such a teacher raises some very troublesome questions.

Can it be that within the upper echelon of MCEA there are not only sympathizers, but also bona fide members of GAA? I would like to suggest to my former colleagues that they give some thought to this matter. And if, by some mischance, this should be true, is this the type of leadership they want?

This episode, in my opinion, is one more example of the growing practice in teachers’ organizations everywhere for the leadership to espouse causes of which the membership would never approve, if an honest poll were taken. If I am wrong in this conviction, if the majority of the teachers in Montgomery County actually want MCEA to squander time and money in the defense of such an undesirable, then I thank God that I am no longer associated with them.


Norwood P. Beveridge

Camden, Maine