Elseroad Testifies In Teacher Suit


BALTIMORE (UPI) -- The superintendent of schools of Montgomery County has told federal judge he would not reinstate an avowed homosexual teacher in a classroom unless ordered to do so by the court.

Homer O. Elseroad testified on the final day of hearing in the suit of Joseph Acanfora 3rd who is fighting his trans­fer from teaching duties to a desk job in the office.

Elseroad said he would not allow Acanfora, 22, to return to the eighth grade science class “because teachers have a tremendous impact on students and it is not possible to separate where a teacher stops being a teacher and acts as a counselor, chaperone at social functions or as a coach.”

Acanfora was transferred from the class last fall, despite protests from his students after disclosing he received national publicity for his connection with a homosexual group at  Pennsylvania State University, where he was an undergraduate.

Elseroad admitted, however, that Acanfora “probably” wou1d still be teaching if hadn’t discussed his homosexuality on a local television broadcast and later on a network broadcast.

In other testimony yesterday, Dr John W. Money, a psychology professor at Johns Hopkins University, said be­cause peer group pressure is most important in determining adolescent attitudes, the pupi1s would not: be upset if Acanfora returned to the c1assroom.