On Homosexual Issues

Gay Activists Poll Candidates


In action triggered by the removal from the classroom recently of a Rockville junior high school teacher who is a homosexual, the Gay Activists Alliance has sent a questionnaire to each of the six candidates running for the Montgomery County Board of Education, and also to present members of the Board and other County and school officials.


The Gay Activists say the questionnaire is intended to help inform homosexual voters of the candidates feelings on issues of importance to them. They ask that the filled out questionnaires be returned by Monday, October 2.

The nine questions ask for the candidates’ personal attitudes toward homosexuality and their positions on such proposals as homosexuality being include in sex education courses as “a valid form of sexual expression,” and in school libraries in “materials which show that homosexuality normal and decent aspect of life.” They ask for opinions on employment of homosexual teachers and use of school facilities for gay student and civic group functions.

Basing their figures on the “best current estimates which set homosexuality at about 10 percent of the male and female population,” the Gay Activists Alliance says there are some 50000 homosexuals living in Montgomery County, of which 31,000 are voters, 600 are teachers and 6,000 are junior and senior high school students.

“At present,” the Gay Activists say, “no provisions have been made for the legitimate instructional, counseling, social and employment interests of any of these people.”

Charging “homosexual teachers are subject to dismissaland/or discrimination regardless of conduct, competence and on-the-job performance,” the Gay Activists cite the case of Joseph Acanfora, a young earth science teacher who was removed from a classroom position at Parkland Junior High School to an administrative job last month after school officials learned he waged a legal fight in Pennsylvania earlier this year for homosexuals. Acanfora was victorious in his. Pennsylvania crusade which ended with his receiving accreditation as a teacher in that state.

That was widely reported in the news four weeks ago and brought to the attention of school officials here the fact Acanfora was a publicly declared homosexual.

The Gay Activists Alliance says it is joining with Acanfora, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Mattachine Society of Washington in action to bring suit against the County school system unless Acanfora “is promptly returned to the classroom.”