Antiquated Outlook

The Other Vision: Homophiles of Penn State received a permanent University charter from the Undergraduate Student Government Supreme Court on April 20, 1971.  On May 10, Raymond O. Murphy, acting vice president of student affairs officially notified this organization that their use of University facilities as granted under the USG charter was suspended pending a review by the University legal council as to the “legality”

of such an organization.                                    -

The University, sadly enough, has once again shown its myopic and antiquated outlook upon the University community and society at large by such an action. Homosexuality is no more against the law than heterosexuality!

The University administration is not only showing their naivete and narrowmindedness, but their action raises much more serious questions concerning student affairs.  The University’s action undermines the core of Undergraduate Student Government and threatens each and every USG chartered organization on campus. Is USG only a puppet for the “administration?”  What rights and privileges do Penn State students really have?  What rights and privileges do chartered organizations really have?

Murphy’s action against this University chartered organization reflects the stagnant and obstinate views of the “establishment” against the entire youth movement of today.  When will these men open their minds to the world around them and realize that there is, in fact, a world?  When will they begin to relate to the “real world” that we live in instead of being molded by society’s stagnant values?  When will they stop trying to dictate the personal and private freedoms of others and tend to their “own back yards?”  When will this hypocritical paradox of values end?  As one unknown ex-soldier said, “The Army gave a medal for killing many men, and a dishonorable discharge for loving one

Jeffrey L. Stengel - (10th-community development Emporium)