Who cares about HOPS?


I have just finished reading the umpteenth Collegian article on HOPS, this time, an editoria1 telling me that as a student at Penn State, my rights have been threatened by University actions regarding the USG  chartered organization. This is of typical Collegian ideology which could misconstrue the placing of a Demster Dumpmaster near Old Main as a diabolical plot against the student.

    Being a heterosexual in good standing (not as good standing as I’d like to be, but still in good standing), I cannot understand your seemingly unending support of the• rights of HOPS. Next you- will be sponsoring HOPS social events, and later . . . who knows?  I can foresee the weekly publication, of a special Collegian dedicated entirely to HOPS. The heading of the publication will bear the title - “Collegian HOPScotch” and will say: “A publication dedicated to FAGS Inc, and all interested people who are not fags (?)”

    You, The Collegian, seem to think that the entire student body cares about HOPS, as evidenced by your thousands of articles. Yet by your own admission USG, who chartered the organization, does not care!  I don’t care!  People I’ve talked to don’t care!  Hell, who does care? Only the “Collegian” editors seem to care, which leaves me wondering . . .

                        Joseph Iannetti

     (9th - horticulture - Burgettstown)