Purpose of HOPS


I am addressing this letter to Larry James and John Weis, in reference to the letter to the editor (Collegian, May 21.)


You seem to be grossly misinformed about the purposes and hopes of HOPS. Obviously, you are a product of your parents’ misconceptions about homosexuality and their own sexual roles. Some people are so afraid of the precariousness of the rigid sexual posture they have been taught that they refuse to recognize that there are other ways to “do it.” Yes, sometimes they make fantastic stories about people who enjoy sex in “strange” ways in order to protect themselves. Sometimes they even make up fantastic stories about orgies that do not exist to protect themselves from a situation which does not involve sex.

The object of HOPS is not to provide University facilities or funds for mass orgies, although I’m sure that would be more in keeping with your preconception of homosexuals. The object of HOPS is to present people who are essentially ignorant of the facts of homosexual life with a true picture of the community -- A picture of human beings just like you who enjoy life just as you do, but who have had the opportunity to choose between heterosexuality and homosexuality.

Surely you realize that practically everything at this University (and society) is set up with heterosexual monogamy in mind. Taxes, social events, and personal contacts of any kind are restricted due to the inability of most heterosexual persons to redefine their attitudes, in respect to homosexual friends. In all aspects of society, homosexuals are an invisible minority, even though the condition crosses all social classes, races, and re1igions.

At this particular time it is considered unfashionable to make derogatory comments about given minority group, for instance, Blacks. This is because Blacks have found that far from being the vile, crude “things” they were made out to be, they are human. beings, as deserving of respect and compassion as anyone. They’ve done something about it. You now realize that they have power, both because of their realization and their numbers. The only difference between Blacks and homosexuals as minority groups is that you have already felt the power of one and not the other. Soon you will be aware of the numbers of homosexuals around you because your hitherto undefeated gay friends will no longer find it necessary to hide themselves from you. Perhaps in the near future the words “queer” or “faggot” or “dyke” will be as socially unacceptable as “nigger” or “chink” or “polak.”

Even so, the morality of the group is not in question. The issue is the legality of the Administration to revoke the privileges of a chartered organization for which they’ve already given at least tacit approval by not challenging the charter when it was appropriate. If you allow this to happen, you are stripping the power of USG and questioning the ability of any student organization to govern the lives of the students they represent. Are you responsible for your own life style, or is the University a father-figure? When does that father-figure have the right to withdraw the approval it has already given?

Let’s hope this issue can transcend the bounds of sexuality and help us all realize our potential for enjoying life. Just as much as heterosexuality is, gay is good.

John SY, Petsinger

(9th-psychology - Bracken Ridge)