May 12, 1971


Editorial Opinion


Unfair Suspension


BIGOTS ALWAYS have found fair game for their prejudices in the homosexual movement. Persecution against the movement has even thrived -- only because people ref use to accept that which differs from the ďacceptedí norm.

The University seems to be catering to those prejudices now, in an attempt to make a new homosexual organization go away -- the Homophiles of Penn State. Itís the same old story, but it wont work anymore.

The fact that the University wishes to suppress such an organization is just another indication that the old prejudices have not died completely. The group will serve an educational purpose for the University community, as we1l as being a focal point for its members. Education is the key to understanding, something we all seek. Why does the University seek to suppress it in this field? Does it wish the old prejudices to continue, without the facts being known? Why?

HOPS IS NOT, according to its charter, entirely for homosexuals. Primarily, it is for anyone interested in ending discrimination against homosexuals, as indicated by its name.

In addition, the fact that a group may have in its membership homosexuals who, as individuals, may or may not be performing illegal acts is no justification for questioning the groupís right to exist. It has that right.

But the University has done this. Although fully chartered, HOPS will not be allowed to use the privileges to which it is entitled until the University Legal Council has reviewed the legality of the group and decided if the organization is in keeping with University educational policy.

BUT WILL THE council rule objectively on the organizationís legality Ė or base its decision on its own personal views on homosexuality? Given the present state of education about homosexuality, we are seriously concerned about the result of the councilís decision.

At any rate, to declare such an organization is of questionable legality and to authorize an investigation smacks of thought control. If anything in the whole incident is illegal, or at least questionable, the Universityís action is. The organization itself has a perfect right to exist.

We ask that the University recognize the right of this new organization to exist, for one cannot assume that illegal actions by members will result -- there is no proof. We call on the University to stop its attempts to control thought and to let students hear the truth.

WE BACK HOPS fully in its effort to bring enlightenment to the University community.