HOPS to take legal action to get charter recognized


Diane Whitney, vice president of the Homophiles of Penn State, last night announced that the organization will seek definite legal action by the end of the term.

“Precisely what the legal action will entail is being determined by our lawyer and his associates on the basis of briefs prepared specifically for our case by various organizations,” Miss Whitney said.

The HOPS case is being handled by Leonard Sharen, a lawyer from the Pittsburgh Law Communal. This firm is a part of a collective movement which works with groups for free.

Several organizations are investigating the HOPS case and cases similar to it. The National Student Association is studying a case in Sacramento which turned out favorably for a homophile organization there. They will compile the facts and determine how it relates to HOPS.

The Harvard Law school also is doing research on homophile groups.

According to Miss Whitney, the State College Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has expressed interest in helping them. The Undergraduate Student Government’s Legal Awareness Committee is advising HOPS.

Miss Whitney said when Sharen has received the briefs compiled by these groups, probably by the end of the week, he will decide exactly what court action will be taken.

Originally, HOPS planned to seek a temporary injunction against the University but they were advised against it by their lawyers. “We felt we should take full court action or something more definite than a temporary injunction because the latter would be in “effect only until the University has completed its investigation of HOPS,” she said.

She added that members of HOPS feel that the University has completed its investigation but is stalling until the end of the term before it releases a decision.

The group presently has use of Graduate Student Association facilities since that organization recently granted them a charter, USG facilities, and those of the Women’s Liberation Headquarters. According to Miss Whitney, HOPS presently is working on its newsletter and planning for the summer while its lawyers review the case.