GSA approves resolution granting HOPS charter



Collegian Staff Writer

The Graduate Student Association last right passed a resolution granting a charter to The Other Visions: Homophiles of Penn State.

The resolution was approved by the GSA Rules Committee, which said that since the membership of HOPS includes graduate students, it could be chartered by the GSA.

According to the GSA constitution, the charter will include the use of all the facilities available to the GSA. Previously, the use of facilities granted by the Undergraduate Student Government has been denied to HOPS by the University Administration.

In other action, the GSA approved a resolution calling for a clarification of University chartering procedures. According to Glenn McNitt, the sponsor of the resolution, the purpose of the move was to ask both the, graduate school and the Administration to clarify the rights of student organizations to grant charters, as well as the Administration’s right to revoke the charters.

McNitt explained that the recent actions of the Administration regarding HOPS brought about the necessity for the resolution.

A resolution calling for the GSA “to put its existence on the line” in implementing its decisions was defeated by the GSA.

The bill, sponsored by Louis Redden, called for the GSA to either “declare its subservience to the University Administration,” or be ready to use coercion to implement its decisions.

Clare Davies, vice president of GSA, remarked that “the GSA has no power,” adding that “it’s better to pass no resolutions rather than to pass one that cannot be implemented.”

The GSA also reported that the University has begun work to improve road conditions on East Aaron Drive, after a request made at an earlier meeting of the GSA.