NUC condemns decision regarding HOPS charter


By Bonnie Shok

Collegian Senior Reporter


The New University Conference, a group of radical faculitv and graduate students, recently adopted a statement condemning the University for temporarily suspending the charter of an organization known as “The Other Vision: Homophiles of Penn State.”

According to the NUC release, the University administration has “blatantly violated civil liberties of all Pennsylvanians, especially of students and faculty at University Park.’’

The NUC maintains that “the decision of acting vice president for student affairs Raymond O. Murphy to revoke without cause or reason the privileges of the Undergraduate Student Government-chartered organization, HOPS, is but the latest in a long series of reactionary and obscurantist assaults against human dignity by the Penn State central administration.”

HOPS was chartered by the USG Supreme Court as an organization whose aim is to try to change attitudes on homosexuality through legal reform, public education and individual counseling.

On Monday. Murphy confirmed the suspension of HOPS until the University Legal Counsel can review the legality of HOPS and reach a decision on whether or not the organization is in keeping with University educational policy.

HOPS was organized to deal with problems relating to the University, such as job discrimination, lack of available information on homosexuality in the library and classroom, hostile attitudes of the psychiatric clinic and discriminatory administration policies.

According to HOPS, the term “homophile” refers to anyone homosexual or heterosexual, who advocates the end of discrimination against homosexuals. The organization is open to all members of the academic community.

In its statement, the NUC noted that, “the legalities of this organization (HOP) were investigated by the University-employed attorney, Ben Novak, and the constitution of HOPS met every legal requirement of the nation, state, and University.

According to the NUC statement, “the charter was duly granted by the USC without challenge from any quarter.”

NUC claimed that the suspension of HOPS “tells us that things should stay as they are and students should keep their mouths shut, their noses clean and study.”

The NUC called for a “radical response on the part of PSU students against this deliberate provocation by Old Main.”