Murphy states reasons

Legality of HOPS investigated



Collegian Senior Reporter

Raymond O. Murphy, acting vice president for student affairs, yesterday emphasized that the University is “checking into the legalities” of’ “The Other Vision: Homophiles of Penn State” as an organization and is not “investigating the people” who are members of the group.


In an interview with The Daily Collegian, Murphy said the University is examining only “the legalities of this type of organization on a state-related campus.”


HOPS’ charter has been suspended temporarily until the University Legal Council reviews the legality of the organization and decides whether HOPS is in keeping with the University educational policy.


This means that HOPS, whose aim is to try to change attitudes on homosexuality through legal reform, public education and individual counseling, may not use University facilities for meetings or advertising purposes.


No Position


Murphy maintained that the University “doesn’t really have a position with respect to HOPS.”


Referring to a comment made by Undergraduate Student Government President Benson Lichtig that the University went over USG’s head in revoking the charter, Murphy said Lichtig “is quite right in that statement.” Murphy explained that the Board of Trustees has indicated that University President John W. Oswald has final authority with regard to all matters of student affairs.


Referring claims by students that the University is concerned with a possible adverse reaction by the State Legislature to the existence of HOPS, Murphy said “no one in Harrisburg has spoken to us” about this matter.