This site is dedicated to the memory of my mom and dad

Leanore V. Acanfora &
Joe Acanfora, Jr.

and to the ongoing impact they have had on my life and that of countless other gay Americans. They stood up publicly with me and spoke in unwaivering support - in the early 1970’s - for my right to be an openly gay man and teacher, and they continued to speak out seeking understanding and respect for gay men and women everywhere.

They gave me the strength and courage to fight for what is right in this world against the ever-present forces of intolerance; they provided me the ability to understand that one can possess a good moral character and strong family values while living a full and rewarding life as an openly gay man; and they shared their limitless love and support and optimism and inspiration to make my life a joy, and all worthwhile.

Music by Pink Martini
"Hang On Little Tomato"

The Case of Joe Acanfora