State of Pennsylvania -- TEACHER CERTIFICATION

As his senior year at Penn State was coming to a close in the Spring of 1972, a question was raised by the Penn State Dean of the College of Education as to whether gay teachers, and Acanfora in particular as an acknowledged homosexual - could have the requisite "good moral character" for teacher certification. This issue became the subject of local and State-wide controversy, including an interrogation of Acanfora by six Penn State deans who comprised the University Teacher Certification Council. When the Council deadlocked on whether or not Acanfora possessed a "good moral character," the matter was referred to the State - Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Pittenger for decision.

Penn State -- University Teacher Certification Council

"The major purpose of this meeting of the University Teacher Certification Council is to receive from Mr. Joseph Acanfora III, who is present today with his attorneys, information the Council considers necessary in the reaching of a determination as to whether to provide the recommendation required on Part B of his application for a certificate as a teacher in the secondary schools of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. [Does he, as an acknowledged homosexual, have the requisite "good moral character"?"]


Examination of Acanfora "moral character" before the University Teacher Certification Council
July 10, 1972

Penn State Decision on Acanfora's Moral Character passed to Pennsylvania Secretary of Education [p1, p2]